Season 1


Episode 10 – ‘First Ever Christmas Special’

Happy Holidays everyone!  One last episode to close out our first season of Comedy Fusion Show and we give you our “First Ever Christmas Special”!  Better that rum and egg-nog, Toph and the Thudman have produced a line Of Christmas gifts perfect for dad…but loved by families the world over.  We conclude our time with Grammy and Juno Award-winning Latin guitarist and world musician, Johannes Linstead.  This time he focuses on his yoga, meditation and more spiritual side, complete with a live session in studio of music from one of his yoga music CDs.  And the Poddy Buddies “Frank” and “Hank” are joined finally by “Tank”.  They rap about the most hilarious stories from their journalism years in small-town Ontario Canada.  The best part is when we find out that their individual tales at all tied with a common thread!!  This is it friends!  Our “First Ever Christmas Special” on the Comedy Fusion Show!

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