Baby, I’m Bringing You Back

This week Toph and the Thudman bring us a few of their favourite bits from Season 1. We get a fresh take on the Participation Coach of the Year! Re-written and recorded, this hall of fame master of nothing is even more ridiculous and actually more believable at the same time! We finish our time with the stunning soul and funk voice of Liz Lokre and the cool and steady master, Adrian X! We chat gigging, Spotify, the industry…and Adrian’s massive collection of priceless guitars. AND we get a tune from Liz that she swore she wasn’t going to play before it was released, so this is extra special on so many levels! All this, and “Judge Thudman” holds court over some of the most bizarre laws in history…this week, many involve animals. Uh Oh…here come the letters!!


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