‘TWO Big Guests! TWO Big Acts! ONE Big Show!’

Do you prefer streaming over going to a local cinema in town?  Today we really “get knee-deep into it” with Rob “The Real McCoy” on that very topic. Of course, Thudman has HIS thoughts on it…none of which make sense or really takes us anywhere, but holy hell is it ever funny!!  We continue our series with Classic Albums Live from that time when we were literally LIVE at their HQ in Toronto over the holidays. Today Director and Founder Craig Martin introduces us to the soulful sweet sister Mia Sheard.  She has been a comedian, studied classical music and has released 4 albums!  BUT she is also a successful practising psychotherapist in Canada’s largest city.  (I just actually found that out now while researching her bio….so I would like to be able to go back in time now and answer her questions to me a bit differently) :-).  AAAND!!!  We also have in the Comedy Fusion Show studio this week, a return guest from Season 2!  Since Haley-Marie was last with us, she has written and produced “The Men Behind The Music: The Beatles Edition”!!  When she was last with us, she spoke about being a flautist, of the renaissance, classical musicians her forays into series involving that.  NOW we talk THE BEATLES like you’ve likely ever heard before!! Interview Details


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