Adrian X – Interviewed on Season 4 Episodes 1 and 2


Adrian “X” Eccleston is a seasoned live guitarist, writer, producer, and studio musician from Toronto. He’s toured the world with Drake and Kylie Minogue as their live guitarist played live with Leona Lewis, Serena Ryder, The Weeknd, and many other artists, and appeared on shows like Jimmy Kimmel, Ellen, and the Late Show with David Letterman.

Before joining Drake on tour, Adrian X first began collaborating with him during the recording sessions of Drake’s multi-platinum album Thank Me Later. Adrian X continued on as Musical Director and studio collaborator for Drake’s album Take Care, which won Best Rap Album at the 2013 Grammy Awards. Now, after writing and producing music for over a decade, Adrian X released his debut album Soulgazer, a dreamy album filled with instrumentals and guitar melodies that are best described as an exploration into space.  Soulgazer is a record that demonstrates Adrian X’s versatile ability to play virtually any type of music.  Adrian X loves and endorses his Gibson guitars but is also keen on using his Les Paul guitars for these recordings. “They’re pretty special because they have whammy bars on them and stuff,” he says. “It’s just got all these extra sounds that really help touring and these urban music productions because everyone is into like weird little bendy, wavy soundscapes and stuff so the whammy bar really helps. So I have two Les Pauls with Floyd Rose tremolo systems on them and those are like the main guitars right now.”

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