Classic Albums Live

Classic Albums LiveClassic Albums Live is a concert series based in Toronto, Ontario, in which musicians perform a classic rock album in its entirety. The series was founded in 2003 by Craig Martin, a musician who had previously produced a series of boutique cabaret shows as well as composed music for television and film.

The musicians go to great lengths to faithfully recreate every sound on the original album. They have performed with orchestras, sitarists, choirs and schools. The shows are treated like recitals with the album being performed in its entirety followed by a ‘greatest hits’ set of the featured artist.


Favourite Album – The Beatles ‘Abbey Road’

Since 2003, I’ve been steadily employing musicians. I seek out the best players and in turn – they seek out me. I mix the shows because I want to make sure that every player’s hard work is represented. I enjoy shooting and editing the movies that we post on our Facebook and Youtube pages. In Toronto, along with Massey Hall, I help promote the Canadian Cancer Society’s “Wheels of Hope” program – we network people to help drive patients to and from chemotherapy appointments. I was born in 1961. I live the music we perform.

Rob Phillips, Classic Albums LiveROB PHILLIPS – MUSIC DIRECTOR

Favourite Album – Pink Floyd ‘ The Wall’

Bobby is our rock. He brings the nuance. He’s a kind man. But he doesn’t tolerate foolishness. If you’re on a show with Rob, show up with your shit together. He’s very funny and is able to replicate sounds and entire comedy bits on cue. He’s calm. He loves his family. He is the face of CAL. He sold the most T-shirts of any other alumni.


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