Carl Dixon – Interviewed on Season 4 Episodes 3 and 4


In 1981, Carl Dixon became the lead singer of Canadian rock band, “Coney Hatch”, he wrote and co-wrote many of their hits, such as “Hey Operator” and “Devil’s Deck”. He spent most of the 1980s and 1990s touring with Coney Hatch, April Wine and doing solo projects.  Throughout his career, Dixon also toured with heavy metal icons such as Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Triumph, Ted Nugent, Accept and Krokus. In 1997, Dixon was invited to join The Guess Who as lead singer; he performed and recorded with the band until the spring of 2000, then again from early 2004 until he was sustained serious injuries in a car accident in Australia in April 2008.  He remained hospitalized for several months.  While in a coma, his good friend and bandmate from Coney Hatch, Andy Curran visited him and promised him right into his ear “you gotta survive this man, The Hatch has so much rocking left in it!”.  Twenty-eight years after the release of their last album Coney Hatch regrouped, keeping that promise.   Carl Dixon went on to write a gripping autobiography, Strange Way To Live, in 2015, about being a rock star during the explosive 1980s in Canadian rock, and about redefining his life after the car accident. Despite ongoing injuries and effects of severe head trauma, Dixon continues to perform as a musician and singer and to make appearances as an inspirational speaker and entertainer.

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