Gimme Fire and Gasoline!

To wrap up our 3rd Season of Comedy Fusion Show, we pour it all in and don’t hold back!  We have a super-charged 4th episode of Ikea World with twists that will blow your mind!  Thudman speaks again from the hallowed halls of CFS University when he delves deeper into historically insane but necessary laws….when he delves deeper into the American South; hell, what could go wrong here??  Frank and Hank from The Poddy Buddies recount a classic time from their sordid past, and THAT likely should have resulted in new laws!!  Our musical guests are The Wanted in the finale of their time with us. And we let Richard’s song take our Season 3 Finale episode to its conclusion; awe shit, you’re gonna LOVE this 🙂  Wahoo!!

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