Season 5 – Episode 10

‘Haley, Betty and The Mandalorian’

This is the finale for Season 5 and we hope you have had as much fun listening to our ridiculousness as we had bringing it to you.  We open with Thudman’s brilliance!  Yes, he has designed the perfect jobs for dogs.  He opines about a few pet dogs he knows and if they were human, what their ideal profession might be.  We can’t Thank enough Craig Martin and the entire cast of “Classic Albums Live” for letting us crash their 2019 Christmas party and create a ton of amazing moments from our discussions. Haley Marie is with us this week to wrap up her time with us and we invite you to visit her website listed here and see her show “The Men Behind The Music: The Beatles Edition”.  Thank you again to Rob “The Real McCoy”, for “bringing the nerd” to our chat-fest again with a once-in-a-lifetime story of meeting the actual Bobba-Fett while we break down Disney’s “The Mandalorian”.  See y’all in Season 6!!


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