Haley Marie

Canadian flautist Haley Marie has quickly established a reputation for her sophisticated musicality as well as her unique ability to capture audiences.  Haley is the founder Aurelia Productions, a company devoted to creating new ways for audiences to experience classical music. Among Haley-Marie’s accomplishments are degrees from the prestigious School of Music at Yale University, McGill University, a Governor General’s award and three memorable performances at Carnegie Hall.  Her captivating presentation of live classical music has been praised throughout Canada and the United States. Haley has maintained a fierce interest in preserving the human side of classical music and in the interactive, social concert atmospheres of the past. Haley Marie has toured throughout North America and Europe, while having music distributed in the Americas, Europe, Japan, UK, Mexico and Australia.

In addition to the company’s live concert productions, Aurelia Productions produces an online video series entitled Two-Minute Talks, which discusses the often surprising history of classical music. In recognition of this work to expose the captivating sides of classical music, the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra has invited Haley to give all of the season’s pre-concert talks for the Orchestra for several years now.

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Season 5

Weaving together over 300 projected visuals, 16 live songs and storytelling, Haley Marie and her band take you on a journey behind the history-making events and heartbreaking moments of the Beatles (such as why John hated the version of “Help!” we all know today).  After years of research and musical analysis, Yale-educated musician/storyteller Haley Marie dives deep into the true story of four young guys who rose to incredible fame seemingly overnight, how they changed the world, how they changed the world…and a world that would never be the same again. Link to Show

Season 5 – Episode 8 | Season 5 – Episode 9  | Season 5 – Episode 10



Haley is engaging and interesting! Her inside knowledge of classical composers and their lives captivates even the most sceptical of listeners. I thoroughly enjoyed your trilogy!