‘Men In Dresses…or was it Distress?’

This week on Comedy Fusion Show, for anyone who has ever needed a clinic for blood work, you’ll understand.  PLUS, Thudman proves just why he has such a (sarcastically) easy time keeping friends around him.  Our musical guest returning this week is Matt Zaddy and not only do we wrap our interview with him but he treats us this week to TWO songs.  Oh yeah…and the Poddy Buddies are here to close out Season 4 with a great big steaming story that will curl your nose hairs!  Hell, what better way to say “Thank you for following and we’ll see you in Season 5 coming soon”?  Well…there were probably waaaay better ways but this is what we have.  You’ve reached the end of Season 4…Season 5 is soon, so enjoy the peace and quiet while you have it :).


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