Season Two

Episode 1 – ‘Happy New Year’

We meet our first classically trained musician, Haley Marie, and she turns the show on its head!  She blazes into how as a youngster she had NO interest in classical music, she wanted to play rock.  She has an amazing, yet controversial take on “Flutist vs. Flautist” that will spin your head.  She discusses her past love of pro wrestling, watching the old WWF while cheering for the classics: Ted Dibiasi and Ric Flair to name a few.  Then, after describing to us why her flute’s mouthpiece is a special wood section and NOT metal, Haley-Marie dives into Bach, Beethoven and Mozart and how everything we have been told about them and the music scene from their day is basically contrived stories and lies.  The truth is actually WAY better than our fiction….and we now know why it could not be taught in schools…especially not today!  It’s all in Part 1 of our time with Flutist/Flautist/Vlogger, Haley-Marie.



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