From Genesis to Walking Stoned

Today opens with the 4th edition of “The Walking Stoned”.  The gang are faced with their most critical test yet when they run up against the cunning and powerful “The Secretary”.  He has a penchant for paperwork and rules and organization.  He has taken a colony of Stoned under his command and hides out in a local strip mall.  When Gerald, Dick and Aggie run into The Secretary; the plot of “The Walking Stoned” gets all hazy and far-out man.  Toph and the Thudman are joined in the Comedy Fusion Show studio by internationally acclaimed guitarist and composer, Rob Tardik from Toronto Canada.  They hit on his new album and discuss influences….one of which will cause you to pause and check to see you weren’t high when you heard it 🙂  He closes the show with a brilliant tune from his 5th record, but that’s after the Thudman recounts a story from his childhood when he witnessed a miracle performed by his grandmother.  Crazy thing is, it is a certified true story!


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