Might As Well Have Mr. Magoo Looking After My Daughter


WE MADE IT FUSION FRIENDS!!  This is the end of another groundbreaking season of the Comedy Fusion Show.  We’ll be back with an all-new Season 3 on Wednesday, April 3rd. Today, to close out Season 2, we wrap up our time with Multi-Award winning jazz, world, fusion and pop/rock guitarist, Rob Tardik.  We open with a very frantic and improvised version of his popular track, “M & Ms”.  Believe me, you only get THIS kind of raw playing, mixed with a bit of silliness and open-mic banter right here with us on @comedyfusionshow (join us on Twitter).  And Thudman tells the story, to his wife’s dismay, about letting his father look after their daughter right before needing Glaucoma Surgery!  A true story…not making this shit up!!!



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