‘Fusion Jambalaya’

What do you get when you take crass, and blend it with silly stupidity, juvenile chaos, comical quizzes and more great live music? Answer: a big helping of our world famous “Fusion Jambalaya”.  Guaranteed to please, fill you up and cause an indigestion you will proudly tell everyone about at work the next day like a war story! We open with The Poddy Buddies Hank and Frank and we’ll let them explain where Hank was during this taping 🙂  Also, did you hear the one about the Greek and the Scot who walk into a chapel to get married?  You will now 🙂  LOL!!!  Plus: the Thudman takes no prisoners with his rapid fire quizzes from hell on topics I bet no one ever thought were necessary….including one that backs musical guest David Leask into a corner…and THAT is freakin’ hilarious!  It’s all here believe it or not in this one episode of The Comedy Fusion Show!!!



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