You know how when a band releases its first album and it sucks, but no one knew it until album #2, 3 and 4 came out.  And when that realization hits, you know it was just that period when you were finding your way, trying everything and never saying “no” to any risk?  The problem with that is it’s been released and they can’t take it back!  But we can with podcasts!!  And thank GOD for that.  The first season of Comedy Fusion show was a wonderfully fun time where we frolicked through ideas like newborn bunnies who are blind yet still can move about and bang into things.  We tried everything we’d wanted to roll out first because it was material from our pasts that used to work either a long time ago or in a totally different format.  We had a preconceived idea of what people wanted in podcasts, yet Toph is the only one in the group who actually listens to podcasts and he had been listening to very long ones…so it was decided we’d do long-form programming.  The Thudman figured that the sight material he’d employed from his past career in a troupe would translate brilliantly to descriptive audio.  Neither Toph or Thudman had the answer and as a result the format and style changed seismically every episode until Season 2.  Changes still happen but they are tweaks here and there.  The benefit we have with this format is that we can simply wipe away experiments as if they never happened. And we have done that with Season 1.  RIP Season 1, oh how we knew you well yet had no idea what the fuck you were.  We learned from you but will not miss you.  We were inspired by you and will take forward into the successive seasons, the best parts of you…but the rest we will simply delete with the push of a button.  So current and future “Poddy Buddies”, enjoy in Season 4 the best interview moments and live music from that first season and revel in the fact that we have shorter, punchier, better focussed and tighter edited episodes for you to tell everyone you know, that Comedy Fusion Show is the “Sleeper Hit of the Year” on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, Tune In and I Heart Radio.  Tell everyone that for absolutely free you can subscribe, and you are guaranteed access to a library that does NOT include anything but quality cuts of comedy, as thick and juicy as you like it.  Take it home and sauté it with likes, braise it for a few minutes in a skillet with a quick review of how much you like the show, then grill to perfection with a 5-star rating.  Mmmmm good.  You deserve the best, and we are serving up only the best…on the Comedy Fusion Show.