Episode 1 – “Fully Legal”

The Comedy Fusion Show shares one of Canada’s recent historical moments – the legalization of cannabis! A newly formed sponsorship deal to help promote cannabis sales, an interview with rising reggae sensation TooNice and ordering weed online rounds out our very first podcast.

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Episode 2 – “Ford Nation Invasion”

Doug Ford gets under Thudman’s skin, Canadian rock star Carl Dixon, of Coney Hatch and The Guess Who, tells his story in the first of two parts, and Doug Ford wants all Ontarians to pay a “buck a beer”!

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Episode 3 – “The Rewards of NOT Trying Hard”

Thudman talks about his great scenic tour of St. John’s Newfoundland, part two of the Carl Dixon interview – the accident, and we hear from the “participation coach of the year”!

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Episode 4 – “Old Puppets Never Die”

Turning 50 comes with all new baggage…interview with master puppeteer Sesame Street and Fraggle Rock fame, Frank Meschkuleit…a little bedtime fable story…the untold truth of Gepetto.

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Episode 5 – “Our Very First Halloween Special”

Wow, who knew all the things you shouldn’t try when intoxicated…the introduction of the Poddy Buddies …great ideas for Halloween costumes.

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Episode 6 – ‘My Daughters are Running my Life’

Thudman finds the unpublished alternate names for all James Bond movies and the truth will shock you! Then we sit down with Adrian X, touring guitarist for Drake, The Weekend, Kylie Minogue and others as well as the soulful R & B singer/songwriter Liz Lokre. We hear stories from the road and the studio and the play Liz’s hit single “Rise Up” live in-studio unplugged and totally raw; an amazing exclusive! Then The Thudman extols us with the reality of being the patriarch of a female dominated house…right down to the family dog.

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Episode 7 – ‘Rock and Roll Dude!’

We pick up the interview with Adrian X and Liz Lokre and Toph talks Liz into playing a brand new track she’s been working on for her next album.  Live and exclusive and only here on our show!  Thudman recounts HIS days of lore as a rock and roll icon (in his own mind of course).  And it all opens with Toph looking back on a vacation that goes sideways…in Mexico!

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Episode 8 -‘Return of the Poddy Buddies’

They’re back!  Poddy Buddies Frank and Hank rip on Tank, who’s absent again, then carve into the NFL a bit of delirious fun.  The Thudman opens this episode with a true story of a pest control worker who looked like the horror scenes from “The Fly”, then we literally travel back in time to his days at his first ever job.  THAT gets out of control so hold on!

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Episode 9 – ‘Ford Nation Invasion – Part2: Sex Ed’

We are back with the Conservative MPP representing Simcoe County and his hair-brained pitches to the house on behalf of Premiere Doug Ford. Think “Little House on the Prairie” 🙂The show opens, appropriately enough, with a discussion between our two hosts on dating. They are so out of touch it’s ridiculous! And then we sit down in the studio with he who dominates the romantic market with his music; Latin guitarist, singer/songwriter, Juno and Grammy Award Winner Johannes Linstead. During this chat, we find out a deep truth about Johannes that will leave you in awe. Plus we hear a rare track that features his vocal talents!

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Episode 10 – ‘First Ever Christmas Special’

Happy Holidays everyone!  One last episode to close out our first season of Comedy Fusion Show and we give you our “First Ever Christmas Special”!  Better that rum and egg-nog, Toph and the Thudman have produced a line Of Christmas gifts perfect for dad…but loved by families the world over.  We conclude our time with Grammy and Juno Award-winning Latin guitarist and world musician, Johannes Linstead.  This time he focuses on his yoga, meditation and more spiritual side, complete with a live session in studio of music from one of his yoga music CDs.  And the Poddy Buddies “Frank” and “Hank” are joined finally by “Tank”.  They rap about the most hilarious stories from their journalism years in small-town Ontario Canada.  Best part is when we find out that their individual tales at all tied with a common thread!!  This is it friends!  Our “First Ever Christmas Special” on the Comedy Fusion Show!

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