Season 2


Episode 3 – ‘Haley and the Beatles’

On today’s episode, The Thudman begins a series of exploratory looks at classic movies and how they would have been different, had the history that surrounded them been different.  We open with “The Sound of Music”; so you already know where THAT is going!! 🙂   Today we also feature the final installment in our Haley Marie trilogy series.  She talks about The Beatles with historical fact that we likely never saw in this light before, then she closes with a brilliant musical performance of a very popular Beatles tune, done the Haley-Marie way!  And The Poddy Buddies recount the Northern Ontario Canada mid-winter poker night when all they had to do was make sure the cat got in before dark!! 🙂  Believe it or not we fit all this into a tight 30 minutes of non-stop-fun!



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