Peter Pan Husbands

Today on Comedy Fusion Show, Toph and the Thudman introduce another new segment titled “Peter Pan Husbands and the wives who loathe their infantile collections”…or something like that anyway 🙂  Joined in-studio by special guest “Rob”, the three nerds compare their respective collections of action figures, novelties, autographs, memorabilia and the like.  It’s as irreverent as it is insane and you will know WHY their hijinks are not necessarily beloved by their spouses 🙂  Also on the show, we cover the delicate topic of addiction in the family…sort of.  We play a bonus from our time with musician, Karen Thornton.  She outlines a hilariously embarrassing “vice” and the consequences it brings in a quirky, twisted tune whose lyrics you really have to pay attention to.  But to start it off, the Thudman goes off on a rant about another in a long line of foul-up, bleeps and blunders from the dumpster fire that is the Doug Ford government in Ontario Canada.  What happens when you need to add credibility and “punch” to a cabinet?  Why would you look to hire a centenarian at $150K/yr!  What could go wrong there?  It’s all here, buckle up!



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