Hot Sauce, Peter Pan and Frantic City


Toph and the Thudman have often been compared by many who know them well, to a modern-day Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble.  Toph has mad-capped schemes and most of which he prefers to hide from his wife. Thudman is the far more level-headed one who will engage in a caper but finds himself oftentimes on the receiving end of “Hey Thudman, I bought this thing on Amazon…and I kinda told my wife it’s yours and I’m just borrowing it….just go along with it.”  And the next thing you know, they’re hosting a podcast and inviting other Peter Pan-like husbands over to tell how they do the same shit! It’s all here in today’s episode. PLUS! We pick up our conversation with Multi-Award winning Jazz, World, fusion and pop/rock guitarist, Rob Tardik.  He sits down with Toph and Thudman then offers up a live, hot-off-the-floor version of one of his latest tunes “Sip and Salsa”.  



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