Episode 1 – ‘Happy New Year’

We meet our first classically trained musician, Haley Marie, and she turns the show on its head!  She blazes into how as a youngster she had NO interest in classical music, she wanted to play rock.  She has an amazing, yet controversial take on “Flutist vs. Flautist” that will spin your head.  She discusses her past love of pro wrestling, watching the old WWF while cheering for the classics: Ted Dibiasi and Ric Flair to name a few.  Then, after describing to us why her flute’s mouthpiece is a special wood section and NOT metal, Haley-Marie dives into Bach, Beethoven and Mozart and how everything we have been told about them and the music scene from their day is basically contrived stories and lies.  The truth is actually WAY better than our fiction….and we now know why it could not be taught in schools…especially not today!  It’s all in Part 1 of our time with Flutist/Flautist/Vlogger, Haley-Marie.

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Episode 2 – ‘The Walking Stoned’

Welcome to 2019! For Wednesday, January 9th, we go back to Part 2 of our time with  and it gets as dark and creepy as it does eye-opening and mind-altering. Toph rants on New Year resolutions then offers one up for all of you to take as a challenge. And it all kicks off with the first episode of our new mini-series, “The Walking Stoned”! Subscribe today so you never miss an episode and welcome to Season 2!!

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Episode 3 – ‘Haley and the Beatles’

On today’s episode, The Thudman begins a series of exploratory looks at classic movies and how they would have been different, had the history that surrounded them been different.  We open with “The Sound of Music”; so you already know where THAT is going!! 🙂   Today we also feature the final installment in our trilogy series.  She talks about The Beatles with historical fact that we likely never saw in this light before, then she closes with a brilliant musical performance of a very popular Beatles tune, done the Haley-Marie way!  And The Poddy Buddies recount the Northern Ontario Canada mid-winter poker night when all they had to do was make sure the cat got in before dark!! 🙂  Believe it or not we fit all this into a tight 30 minutes of non-stop-fun!

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Episode 4 – ‘The Walking Stoned….Again’

Gerald, Aggie and……DICK, are back in another edge of your seat episode of “The Walking Stoned”! Trapped by stoners on the outside, our heroes utilize their classic American literature strategy to create a calm lull so they can make their getaway. Does it work? Steam or download now and find out. Plus a local singer, songwriter and piano player has jumped into the golden realm of Musical Comedy! Armed with 2 side-splitting sarcastic moments or muse, Karen Thornton is a must-listen. The THUDman and Toph discuss the evolution (or devolution) of pro sports….let the debate (and Twitter reaction) ensue 🙂

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Episode 5 – ‘Hoses, Ladders and a Singing Cat’

The Thudman goes off in this episode of the Comedy Fusion Show!  He has a story of growing up in cottage country Ontario with a dad who was a volunteer firefighter.  His dad took his job very very seriously….and a backyard full of odd sized equipment was the clincher.  We are joined in-studio by a sensational jazz vocalist and performing artiste; the lovely !!  You will fall in love with her voice as she entertains us with part 1 of her stories and music. THEN, just when she thought she was safe…the Thudman hits her up with a generation-bending quiz that puts her millennial-ness to the test!  Poor Cat 🙂

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Episode 6 – ‘Cat with the Walking Stoned’

Today on Comedy Fusion Show we wrap up our time with Cat Bernardi the best way we know how; by letting the music lead. Today we jump right into a beautiful fun quirky number that sets up today’s show with a lot of “pop” and “fizz”. Wasting no time for introductions, we send you straight into the third episode of “The Walking Stoned” that, this week, features our first guest appearance! Hell, even the Poddy Buddies make an appearance today in a true story that will have you remembering your first rental flat and those nutty landlords 🤣. For those who like to stick around to the end, your reward is that we go out the way we came in, with a sensational Cat Bernardi song. Enjoy!👍🏼

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Episode 7 – ‘Peter Pan Husbands’

Today on Comedy Fusion Show, Toph and the Thudman introduce another new segment titled “Peter Pan Husbands and the wives who loathe their infantile collections”…or something like that anyway 🙂  Joined in-studio by special guest “Rob”, the three nerds compare their respective collections of action figures, novelties, autographs, memorabilia and the like.  It’s as irreverent as it is insane and you will know WHY their hijinks are not necessarily beloved by their spouses 🙂  Also on the show, we cover the delicate topic of addiction in the family…sort of.  We play a bonus from our time with musician, Karen Thornton.  She outlines a hilariously embarrassing “vice” and the consequences it brings in a quirky, twisted tune whose lyrics you really have to pay attention to.  But to start it off, the Thudman goes off on a rant about another in a long line of foul-up, bleeps and blunders from the dumpster fire that is the Doug Ford government in Ontario Canada.  What happens when you need to add credibility and “punch” to a cabinet?  Why would you look to hire a centenarian at $150K/yr!  What could go wrong there?  It’s all here, buckle up!

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Episode 8 – ‘From Genesis to Walking Stoned’

Today opens with the 4th edition of “The Walking Stoned”.  The gang are faced with their most critical test yet when they run up against the cunning and powerful “The Secretary”.  He has a penchant for paperwork and rules and organization.  He has taken a colony of Stoned under his command and hides out in a local strip mall.  When Gerald, Dick and Aggie run into The Secretary; the plot of “The Walking Stoned” gets all hazy and far-out man.  Toph and the Thudman are joined in the Comedy Fusion Show studio by internationally acclaimed guitarist and composer, Rob Tardik from Toronto Canada.  They hit on his new album and discuss influences….one of which will cause you to pause and check to see you weren’t high when you heard it 🙂  He closes the show with a brilliant tune from his 5th record, but that’s after the Thudman recounts a story from his childhood when he witnessed a miracle performed by his grandmother.  Crazy thing is, it is a certified true story!

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Episode 9 – ‘Hot Sauce, Peter Pan and Frantic City’

Toph and the Thudman have often been compared by many who know them well, to a modern-day Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble.  Toph has mad-capped schemes and most of which he prefers to hide from his wife. Thudman is the far more level-headed one who will engage in a caper but finds himself oftentimes on the receiving end of “Hey Thudman, I bought this thing on Amazon…and I kinda told my wife it’s yours and I’m just borrowing it….just go along with it.”  And the next thing you know, they’re hosting a podcast and inviting other Peter Pan-like husbands over to tell how they do the same shit! It’s all here in today’s episode. PLUS! We pick up our conversation with Multi-Award winning Jazz, World, fusion and pop/rock guitarist, Rob Tardik.  He sits down with Toph and Thudman then offers up a live, hot-off-the-floor version of one of his latest tunes “Sip and Salsa”.  

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Episode 10 – ‘Might As Well Have Mr.Magoo Looking After My Daughter’

WE MADE IT FUSION FRIENDS!!  This is the end of another groundbreaking season of the Comedy Fusion Show.  We’ll be back with an all-new Season 3 on Wednesday, April 3rd. Today, to close out Season 2, we wrap up our time with Multi-Award winning jazz, world, fusion and pop/rock guitarist, Rob Tardik.  We open with a very frantic and improvised version of his popular track, “M & Ms”.  Believe me, you only get THIS kind of raw playing, mixed with a bit of silliness and open-mic banter right here with us on @comedyfusionshow (join us on Twitter).  And Thudman tells the story, to his wife’s dismay, about letting his father look after their daughter right before needing Glaucoma Surgery!  A true story…not making this shit up!!!

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