Season 3

Episode 1 – ‘Welcome to Season 3’

We kick the doors open with a bit that Toph swore he’d never allow on this show.  It was too creative an opportunity to pass up so here we are.  We’re back in “Peter Pan World” with special guest Rob and EVERY guy can relate to what they chat about collecting under their wives noses this time!  Plus, our “Fusion Friend” this week is singer, songwriter, guitarist and looper, David Leask.  And if he sounds to you like he’s a bit “off”, do not stop and start your feed, because the show isn’t buffering; he really is Scottish!!  There is NO better way to kick off a new season than with a mix of corruption, collection, curmudgeon and HAGGIS!  It all starts NOW!!

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Episode 2 – ‘Welcome to Crazy Town’

Today is the conclusion of our time with David Leask….this week we get into his technique and his unique approach to “looping”.  He hits us up with another tune and it was such a brilliant piece, we let the show end on that note.  We here on Comedy Fusion Show had a ton of fun last season with our “CFS Original: The Walking Stoned”….while that show goes back into production for next season, this season we lift the cover off a brand new original production and you WILL NOT believe where we went for this!!  We cast a bizarre light on something we all know and love and you will never be able to see it the same way ever again after today!  It will make your future soooo much better and more enjoyable and you will thank us for it 🙂  Have fun this week with Comedy Fusion Show!!

Episode 2


Episode 3 – ‘Fusion Jambalaya’

What do you get when you take crass, and blend it with silly stupidity, juvenile chaos, comical quizzes and more great live music? Answer: a big helping of our world famous “Fusion Jambalaya”.  Guaranteed to please, fill you up and cause an indigestion you will proudly tell everyone about at work the next day like a war story! We open with The Poddy Buddies Hank and Frank and we’ll let them explain where Hank was during this taping 🙂  Also, did you hear the one about the Greek and the Scot who walk into a chapel to get married?  You will now 🙂  LOL!!!  Plus: the Thudman takes no prisoners with his rapid fire quizzes from hell on topics I bet no one ever thought were necessary….including one that backs musical guest David Leask into a corner…and THAT is freakin’ hilarious!  It’s all here believe it or not in this one episode of The Comedy Fusion Show!!!

Episode 3


Episode 4 – ‘Arabian Nights in Ikeaworld’

We return to the dark and sinister world of Swedish meatball mind control, manipulated morons and diabolical dumb-asses in the Comedy Fusion Show Original: “Ikeaworld”, Episode 2.  Musical guest this week is the violin rock of G. Pinto and a song that ends the show from his album “Perfect Day”.  Plus, because we promised to offer educational programming (no we didn’t), Thudman delivers a lecture on American Law; before you yawn, these are real laws and they are real stupid and you will NOT believe any of these when you hear them…until you do your own Google search afterward to find out that they are sadly legit!!  We rap on the worst corporate names for pro sports stadiums and a helluva lot more.  Enjoy but always listen in groups…it’s safer that way.

Episode 4

‘Taken to the Cleaners’

This week’s show features the conclusion of our time with the multi-talented violinist/entertainer/songwriter Grenville Pinto…aka: G.Pinto! We open the show with a song of his then we close the show with another….a perfect bookend for a jam-packed 30 minutes of fun and laughs. We also are excited to present to you another Comedy Fusion Show Original, and this time we tackle the super-saturated genre of home improvement programs. I can’t write the title cuz we might get red-flagged and censored😂😂😂. AND from the “Poddy Buddies” this week, we debut our first spin-off series of segments titled “Tank and His Dad”. Immigrants from Italy and very little English in the great big world of Toronto all add up to non-stop laughs and it all starts now!

Episode 5 

‘The Token Gamer Interview’

I know, I know, “What the hell are you doing a podcast episode about gaming for”???  You gotta meet the guys from SHG Studios! They are just like US!! They were working desk jobs, hated the isolation, the long hours, their co-workers and the grind.  They developed a series of on-line and phone supported games for those who need “me-time” at work! It has a full social media-style interface and they are here to talk about it.  PLUS: for some reason the sword turns on Toph in a fairly epic way and he gets torched at the end of the interview…THAT gets off the hook and he is totally helpless 🙂 We check in with our resident co-nerd, Rob McCoy in “Peter Pan Husbands with the Collections Their Wives Loathe”.  And it all gets underway with ThudMan and another collection of completely outrageous laws that are very, very real but also very, very mind-blowing.

Episode 6

‘The Future is Now’

Beware the future! We tackle the rise of A.I. and it’s zany consequences in our 3rd episode of “Ikea World”. Then a previous week’s guest, violinist Grenville Pinto, leads us with his version of the Mario Bros. video game theme into the conclusion of our time with Chris and Colin from SHG Studios. They talk about the launch party that gathered all the great minds and influencers from the online gaming community while their hit project “Star Pirates” had already garnered massive success globally. We walk through the technology and the process that brings us up to today. This is creatively off-set by a trip back in the past to an age where the Dive-In reigned supreme as the go-to act of freedom and rebellion…well, the way Frank and Hank from the Poddy Buddies did it anyway!

Episode 7

‘It’s Episode 8 Already?!’

Today on the Comedy Fusion Show we review more insane laws that were necessary at some time in our history as a people.  Also, we tribute the unsung “late responders” to emergencies; we discuss what should NOT be done after a certain age or weight; AND we present another edition of the CFS Original: “Docks, Dicks and Douches”!!  All this plus this week’s musical guest is the Canadian band, The Wanted! Today’s show moves FAST and has a lot of sharp turns, so I hope you took your Dramamine!

Episode 8

‘Wanted: Zombies’

This week we continue our time with The Wanted, a brilliantly talented musical group who specializes in folk, bluegrass, Creole/zydeco, and blues.  The Thudman and I are also joined in-studio by our fellow “Peter Pan Husband who has a collection That Our Wives Loathe”  Today, however, he is our resident expert on B-Movies!  This much-maligned genre of film that has generations of cult-followers has so much more substance than at first blush, and we cover a ton here.  This week we stay pretty true to the ZOMBIE genre so you will need to be prepared!  Natalie, from The Wanted, closes the show with a beautiful inspirational song about a strong woman and we dedicate it to all women of the world.

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‘Gimme Fire and Gasoline!’

To wrap up our 3rd Season of Comedy Fusion Show, we pour it all in and don’t hold back!  We have a super-charged 4th episode of Ikea World with twists that will blow your mind!  Thudman speaks again from the hallowed halls of CFS University when he delves deeper into historically insane but necessary laws….when he delves deeper into the American South; hell, what could go wrong here??  Frank and Hank from The Poddy Buddies recount a classic time from their sordid past, and THAT likely should have resulted in new laws!!  Our musical guests are The Wanted in the finale of their time with us. And we let Richard’s song take our Season 3 Finale episode to its conclusion; awe shit, you’re gonna LOVE this 🙂  Wahoo!!

Episode 10