Welcome to Season 4…sort of.

Season 1 was such a long time ago and we’d love it to stay that way looking back.  Sound issues and a steep learning curve for everyone in the crew made for FORGETTABLE moments :). LOL. SO we propose this: if you’re new to CFS, start with Season 2, you’ll love out and thank us for it!  And we will provide you in Season 4 with the best from Season 1.

Episode 1

Let’s start here in episode 1 with a tighter version of an interview we had with Liz Lockre and Adrian X.  Adrian X, is a touring guitarist for Drake, The Weekend, Kylie Minogue and others as well as the soulful R & B singer/songwriter, Liz Lokre. We hear stories from the road and the studio and the play Liz’s hit single “Rise Up” live in-studio unplugged and totally raw; an amazing exclusive! Also in this episode, we chat B-Movies with our resident cult-follower, Rob; PLUS Thudman and I present our own B-Movie!!

Listen to Season 4 Episode 1 Here

Episode 2

This week Toph and the Thudman bring us a few of their favourite bits from Season 1. We get a fresh take on the Participation Coach of the Year! Re-written and recorded, this hall of fame master of nothing is even more ridiculous and actually more believable at the same time! We finish our time with the stunning soul and funk voice of Liz Lockre and the cool and steady master, Adrian X! We chat gigging, Spotify, the industry…and Adrian’s massive collection of priceless guitars. AND we get a tune from Liz that she swore she wasn’t going to play before it was released, so this is extra special on so many levels! All this, and “Judge Thudman” holds court over some of the most bizarre laws in history…this week, many involve animals. Uh Oh…here come the letters!!

Listen to Season 4 Episode 2 Here

Episode 3

The Thudman is on a roll this week and we are richer for it! He dazzles and amazes us with just how moronic we are as a species with TRUE stories from around the world. Then…in Canada, there is a Province, and that Province is Ontario. Ontario is vast and wonderful; rich with rocks, rivers, streams and big cities like Ottawa, the capital of the entire country of Canada….and Toronto, the capital of this particular Province. And it is here that things go to hell in a handbasket… Thudman elaborates in VIVID colour, and with a special guest!! We bring back the best of an interview with Canadian rock legend, Carl Dixon and HE has a row with the local operator. It’s all in one tight 30-minute package believe it or not 🙂

Listen to Season 4 Episode 3

Episode 4

This week, The Comedy Fusion Show Original: “Bond 26th: ‘Never Get Hard Again’ is met with a diabolical new nemesis! Is Connery-Bond up for the challenge? More horrific and nightmarish than B-Movie horror is a real-life tragedy; we have both this week. Back from season 1 is part 2 of our time with Coney Hatch/The Guess Who/April Wine lead singer and solo artist, Carl Dixon. Man, this show flies this week!!!

Season 4 Episode 4 coming September 25

Episode 5

This week we have it all! Toph and Thudman bring us more 100% true and published stories from around the world that human beings are actually guilty of doing or engaging in. We are a really stupid species, and this proves it! PLUS we have TWO guests this week; Rob joins us for another deep dive down into the depths of the b-movie sub-genre of film, and this week we wrap up HORROR! AND we revisit the time we spent with the famed funnyman, voice actor and puppeteer Frank Meschkuleit!! From his time with Jim Henson’s Muppets and his starring voice in Toopy and Binoo, he has stories from “behind the mic” that will have you rolling on the floor laughing. For those who watched “Fraggle Rock” as kids…yeah, you’ll love this!

Season 4 Episode 5 coming October 2