Season 5 Cometh!

Welcome to our 5th Season! Toph and the Thudman are back with a heavyweight collection of artists in the studio. Coming upon this Holiday Season we have Juno and Grammy Award-winning World Music artist Johannes Linstead and the Creator and Founder of the internationally famous “Classic Albums Live” company. We open today with , one of the sweetest young recording artists with the voice of an angel and a spirit we wish we could travel with forever. Her stories are as inspiring as her music so we are excited to bring her to the Comedy Fusion Show today. HOWEVER! – Thudman gets “real” again on the “Commander in Thief” and “Dawnie Boy” drops in with a few words of his own so that throws the show off the rails as usual!! AAAAAnd we present another bizarre-yet-100%true edition of “Tank and his Dad”! Today, Tank recalls a story of when his VERY ITALIAN father fancied himself a Real Estate specialist. THIS is one of the funniest stories we’ve ever heard anywhere…at any time 🙂 !!!

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