Season 5

Episode 1

‘Season 5 Cometh!’

Welcome to our 5th Season! Toph and the Thudman are back with a heavyweight collection of artists in the studio. Coming upon this Holiday Season we have Juno and Grammy Award-winning World Music artist Johannes Linstead and the Creator and Founder of the internationally famous “Classic Albums Live” company. We open today with , one of the sweetest young recording artists with the voice of an angel and a spirit we wish we could travel with forever. Her stories are as inspiring as her music so we are excited to bring her to the Comedy Fusion Show today. HOWEVER! – Thudman gets “real” again on the “Commander in Thief” and “Dawnie Boy” drops in with a few words of his own so that throws the show off the rails as usual!! AAAAAnd we present another bizarre-yet-100%true edition of “Tank and his Dad”! Today, Tank recalls a story of when his VERY ITALIAN father fancied himself a Real Estate specialist. THIS is one of the funniest stories we’ve ever heard anywhere…at any time 🙂 !!!

Season 5 – Episode 1

Episode 2

‘The Curmudgeon of Higher Learning’

We start with the perfect opening song ever on Comedy Fusion Show; from are music guest Arlene, we present “Here With You”.  Now that we are “here with you”, we have you settled in snuggly and then we SLAP YOU IN THE FACE with another instalment of “Tank and His Dad”!!  While with The Poddy Buddies things got riled up and Tank came out firing with a howitzer of hilarity!!  We complete our time with where she expands on her career before music…and how she found a marriage between the two mediums. This story will blow your mind….but then we close this episode with one more original track off her debut EP “Home With You”; a song called “Best Kept Secret”….kinda like this podcast Comedy Fusion Show :-). haha. ENJOY!!

Season 5 – Episode 2

Episode 3

‘The 2019 Christmas Special’

‘We have a truly special event this year as we are joined by the internationally famous recording artist of world music, Johannes Linstead!! Johannes’ holiday song, Tropical Christmas, has become a verified hit on US radio, charting at #1 for two weeks as “Most Added” song on the Top 40 New Music Weekly Chart, and #1 “Most Increased” song, putting him ahead of artists like Taylor Swift, Maroon 5, and Justin Bieber!! We had him on the program once in the past but with this massive new song, written for this time of year, we were blown away when he agreed to join us for the entire show. You get to hear Johannes in his voice-acting debut plus he performs Tropical Christmas right here in the studio! Hilarious Christmas themed stories that, sadly, are all true….sadly because they do not reflect well at all on either Toph or Thudman :-). So get a glass, fill with ice, then fill with eggnog, then fill again with rum…this way you will get the true effect of what “The 2019 Christmas Special” is all about!! Happy Holidays Everyone!!!

Season 5 – Episode 3

Episode 4

‘The Holiday Celebrations Continue’

Over the 2019 Holiday Season Toph and The Thudman visited the headquarters of the internationally renowned rock and roll company, Classic Albums Live!! Founder and Artistic Director Craig Martin has secretly invited us to their company Holiday Party so this gets goooood!! Thudman regales us with another dive into “The World and it’s People” and he gets into it with Toph over a Facebook post he made that got him in deep crap :-). Then with snow gently falling out the main window of this beautiful on-location setting, CAL closes this episode with a brilliant rendition of “Baby It’s Cold Outside”. It’s time to fill a glass with Drambuie over ice and lose yourself over the next 30 minutes…hell, you might even be able to make sense out of this cuz we sure as s— can’t!

Season 5 – Episode 4

Episode 5

‘Miracle in New York’

Our time with the cast of Classic Albums Live continues and they stun us with a jaw-dropping rendition of a rather controversial Christmas song by a band with a devout cult following that includes fellow rock bands. BUT we open with Hon. Thudman presiding over another courtroom fiasco of real laws, from real life, that are really ridiculous. Then Toph sends the bit down an off-ramp that goes madly off down a rabbit hole that we can all relate to! Ever have mice in your house? Wanna hear how Thudman fixed the situation? (Parental Discretion is Advised….just sayin’).

Season 5 – Episode 5

Episode 6

‘We’re Loving 2020 Vision’

While this new year ticks on in its infancy, we continue to develop and bring you new innovative creativity.  We OPEN the show with a gem that features a beautiful guest voice that we are thrilled to have back as a part of Comedy Fusion Show!  Thudman and Toph discuss Christmastime with their respective families…and before you think: “wait, Christmas morning was weeks ago”; there is a wild, zany and absolutely hilarious reason that this gets brought up. Naturally, Thudman brings another bone-head move to the Comedy Fusion Show table, but Toph follows up and they volley back and forth “who’s Christmas gift-giving was worse this year” :-). haha. We continue our time from the Classic Albums Live Cast Party as we are joined by super-star guitarist/singer/Music Director Rob Phillips!!  Then to close the show we have the most stunningly beautiful version of “So This Is Christmas” that features EVERYONE who was at that party that night; it will blow your mind… shivers!  Have fun with this episode, there’s a lot here!

Season 5 – Episode 6

Episode 7

‘Star Wars, Drugs & Rock and Roll?!’

Returning to Comedy Fusion Show for another season is resident nerd authority, Rob “The Real McCoy”!! The final instalment of the Star Wars legacy is out and Thudman decided he wanted to destroy it for everyone. It’s up to Rob and Toph to save it from humiliation and justify the fantasy that has lasted 9 films and over 40 years!! AND we continue our time with Classic Albums Live as Director and Founder Craig Martin, along with Music Director, vocalist and guitarist Rob Phillips, discuss (among musical things), how the culture of drugs with rock DO NOT roll with this company. It’s as inspiring a story as it is raw and real. Yeah, just past the mid way point in Season 5 of CFS and we are really in flight now!

Season 5 – Episode 7

Episode 8

‘TWO Big Guests! TWO Big Acts! ONE Big Show!’

Do you prefer streaming over going to a local cinema in town? Today we really “get knee-deep into it” with Rob “The Real McCoy” on that very topic. Of course, Thudman has HIS thoughts on it…none of which make sense or really takes us anywhere, but holy hell is it ever funny!! We continue our series with Classic Albums Live from that time when we were literally LIVE at their HQ in Toronto over the holidays. Today Director and Founder Craig Martin introduces us to the soulful sweet sister Mia Sheard. She has been a comedian, studied classical music and has released 4 albums! BUT she is also a successful practising psychotherapist in Canada’s largest city. (I just actually found that out now while researching her bio….so I would like to be able to go back in time now and answer her questions to me a bit differently) :-). AAAND!!! We also have in the Comedy Fusion Show studio this week, a return guest from Season 2! Since Haley-Marie was last with us, she has written and produced “The Men Behind The Music: The Beatles Edition”!! When she was last with us, she spoke about being a flautist, of the renaissance, classical musicians her forays into series involving that. NOW we talk THE BEATLES like you’ve likely ever heard before!!

Season 5 – Episode 8

Episode 9

‘No Attention Span Thudman’

Today we wrap our series with the company “Classic Albums Live”. We chat with Director Craig Martin and their drummer who specializes in The Beatles shows, Mr Ryan Granville Martin !! If you visit our site, you’ll see he was decoratively clad in Christmas pyjamas for the party we met him at and his discussion of being a touring drummer in this company is just as batty 🙂 HAHA. Also on the show, this week is another musical Director and Playwright; we are back for our second part of “The Men Behind The Music: The Beatles Edition” with . All that and a tune by a band from years gone by that best describes who Thudman really is at his very core. We only have ONE more episode in Season 5 after this so HAVE FUN!!

Season 5 – Episode 9

Episode 10

‘Haley, Betty and The Mandalorian’

This is the finale for Season 5 and we hope you have had as much fun listening to our ridiculousness as we had bringing it to you.  We open with Thudman’s brilliance!  Yes, he has designed the perfect jobs for dogs.  He opines about a few pet dogs he knows and if they were human, what their ideal profession might be.  We can’t Thank enough Craig Martin and the entire cast of “Classic Albums Live” for letting us crash their 2019 Christmas party and create a ton of amazing moments from our discussions. is with us this week to wrap up her time with us and we invite you to visit her website listed here and see her show “The Men Behind The Music: The Beatles Edition”.  Thank you again to Rob “The Real McCoy”, for “bringing the nerd” to our chat-fest again with a once-in-a-lifetime story of meeting the actual Bobba-Fett while we break down Disney’s “The Mandalorian”.  See y’all in Season 6!!

Season 5 – Episode 10