‘Taken to the Cleaners’

This week’s show features the conclusion of our time with the multi-talented violinist/entertainer/songwriter Grenville Pinto…aka: G.Pinto!   We open the show with a song of his then we close the show with another….a perfect bookend for a jam-packed 30 minutes of fun and laughs.  We also are excited to present to you another Comedy Fusion Show Original, and this time we tackle the super-saturated genre of home improvement programs.  I can’t write the title cuz we might get red-flagged and censored😂😂😂.  AND from the “Poddy Buddies” this week, we debut our first spin-off series of segments titled “Tank and His Dad”.  Immigrants from Italy and very little English in the great big world of Toronto all add up to non-stop laughs and it all starts now!



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