‘The 2019 Christmas Special’

We have a truly special event this year as we are joined by the internationally famous recording artist of world music, Johannes Linstead!! Johannes’ holiday song, Tropical Christmas, has become a verified hit on US radio, charting at #1 for two weeks as “Most Added” song on the Top 40 New Music Weekly Chart, and #1 “Most Increased” song, putting him ahead of artists like Taylor Swift, Maroon 5, and Justin Bieber!! We had him on the program once in the past but with this massive new song, written for this time of year, we were blown away when he agreed to join us for the entire show. You get to hear Johannes in his voice-acting debut plus he performs Tropical Christmas right here in the studio! Hilarious Christmas themed stories that, sadly, are all true….sadly because they do not reflect well at all on either Toph or Thudman :-). So get a glass, fill with ice, then fill with eggnog, then fill again with rum…this way you will get the true effect of what “The 2019 Christmas Special” is all about!! Happy Holidays Everyone!!!

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