‘The Curmudgeon of Higher Learning’

We start with the perfect opening song ever on Comedy Fusion Show; from are music guest Arlene, we present “Here With You”.  Now that we are “here with you”, we have you settled in snuggly and then we SLAP YOU IN THE FACE with another instalment of “Tank and His Dad”!!  While with The Poddy Buddies things got riled up and Tank came out firing with a howitzer of hilarity!!  We complete our time with Arlene where she expands on her career before music…and how she found a marriage between the two mediums. This story will blow your mind….but then we close this episode with one more original track off her debut EP “Home With You”; a song called “Best Kept Secret”….kinda like this podcast Comedy Fusion Show :-). haha. ENJOY!!


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