‘The Token Gamer Interview’

I know, I know, “What the hell are you doing a podcast episode about gaming for”???  You gotta meet the guys from SHG Studios! They are just like US!! They were working desk jobs, hated the isolation, the long hours, their co-workers and the grind.  They developed a series of on-line and phone supported games for those who need “me-time” at work! It has a full social media-style interface and they are here to talk about it.  PLUS: for some reason the sword turns on Toph in a fairly epic way and he gets torched at the end of the interview…THAT gets off the hook and he is totally helpless 🙂 We check in with our resident co-nerd, Rob McCoy in “Peter Pan Husbands with the Collections Their Wives Loathe”.  And it all gets underway with ThudMan and another collection of completely outrageous laws that are very, very real but also very, very mind-blowing.


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