Welcome Season 4 … Sort of!

Episode 1

Season 1 was such a long time ago and we’d love it to stay that way looking back.  Sound issues and a steep learning curve for everyone in the crew made for FORGETTABLE moments :). LOL. SO we propose this: if you’re new to CFS, start with Season 2, you’ll love out and thank us for it!  And we will provide you in Season 4 with the best from Season 1.  Let’s start here in episode 1 with a tighter version of an interview we had with Liz Lockre and Adrian X. Adrian X, is a touring guitarist for Drake, The Weekend, Kylie Minogue and others as well as the soulful R & B singer/songwriter, Liz Lokre We hear stories from the road and the studio and the play Liz’s hit single “Rise Up” live in-studio unplugged and totally raw; an amazing exclusive! Also in this episode, we chat B-Movies with our resident cult-follower, Rob; PLUS Thudman and I present our own B-Movie!!


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