‘We’re Loving 2020 Vision’

While this new year ticks on in its infancy, we continue to develop and bring you new innovative creativity. We OPEN the show with a gem that features a beautiful guest voice that we are thrilled to have back as a part of Comedy Fusion Show! Thudman and Toph discuss Christmastime with their respective families…and before you think: “wait, Christmas morning was weeks ago”; there is a wild, zany and absolutely hilarious reason that this gets brought up. Naturally, Thudman brings another bone-head move to the Comedy Fusion Show table, but Toph follows up and they volley back and forth “who’s Christmas gift-giving was worse this year” :-). haha. We continue our time from the Classic Albums Live Cast Party as we are joined by super-star guitarist/singer/Music Director Rob Phillips!! Then to close the show we have the most stunningly beautiful version of “So This Is Christmas” that features EVERYONE who was at that party that night; it will blow your mind…..like shivers! Have fun with this episode, there’s a lot here!


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